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Cueva Ventana - Puerto Rico Day Trips

Aliens, Bats and Caves: An Adventurous Puerto Rico Day Trip

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There are so many fabulous ways for your family to enjoy the magnificence of the island of Puerto Rico: the spectacular, sun-drenched beaches, historic forts, rhythms of salsa music, and the delicious, culinary offerings. But for my family there were...

Best Restaurants in Puerto Rico for Families

Puerto Rico: A Foodie Paradise

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After spending almost two weeks in Puerto Rico with our girls, instead of “visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads,” it was mofongo, tostones and ceviche doing the salsa in their dreams! Puerto Rico is a foodie’s paradise...

Things to do in Puerto Rico - Palomino Island

The Perfect Family Vacation in Puerto Rico

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Our family had a fantastic vacation in Puerto Rico last March. You would probably think that anybody surviving yet another brutal winter in the Windy City (our hometown) would love ANY warm weather destination, but the truth is that we are...

Puerto Rico Travel Tips

Ten Puerto Rico Travel Tips

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Our family recently returned from a fun-filled vacation in sunny Puerto Rico. It’s a great place to visit if you want to experience a bit of the exotic, but are hesitant to leave the comforts of the known. Because...