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Hanoi food, North Vietnamese food

Eating Around Hanoi

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The French left Vietnam in 1954 after 100 years of colonial rule, but their influence on Vietnamese cuisine remained. From the egg coffee, to sandwiches, to classic Vietnamese noodle dishes, there is a taste of east and west. If...

What to do in Hanoi Vietnam with kids - Halong Bay Cruise sunrise

5 Top Sights in Hanoi, Vietnam with Kids

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When our family began planning our trip to Asia, we wanted to experience several different countries and cultures. After researching all the top destinations (and maybe watching a lot of Anthony Bourdain episodes on the area), we knew Vietnam with...

Best things to do in Hanoi Vietnam with kids

Family Trip to Hanoi and Halong Bay in Vietnam

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It was 40 years ago this year that our country got dragged into a war that ended badly. Many lives were lost. Families displaced. The Vietnam War might be an event that many want to forget happened, but today,...