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Susan K

Mom of children ages 11 and 8

Susan is an enthusiastic traveler and mom to a 11 year-old boy and eight year-old girl. Originally from North Carolina, Susan is a Southerner at heart, although she and her husband have lived all over the East Coast including New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and currently near Jacksonville, Florida. Having two kids with food allergies and a husband following the Paleo diet, eating on the road can be a challenge. The family makes a habit of mapping out restaurants in advance, taking along a cooler of snacks, and hitting the grocery store on arrival. Like many moms, Susan is the family travel planner, vacation coordinator, and memory recorder. One of her favorite hobbies is researching and planning trips, and she is always thinking about the next adventure.
  • Dream vacation:  Italy.
  • Always in my purse/bag:  EpiPen.
  • Best kid distraction on a plane:  Movies and Tootsie Pops.
  • Darndest thing my kid ever said:  After seeing full meals and cookies in first class, my daughter announced, “I want to fly in first place!”
  • Kids’ favorite food:  Mac ’n cheese or ice cream.

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