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Andrea L

Mom of children ages 17 and 15

Andrea is a single mom in Arlington, Virginia with a 15-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter. Her children took their first trips when they were just four weeks old and now look forward to their next trip as much as their mom. With a full-time demanding job that requires travel, Andrea has often managed to make business travel a family affair.

The trio really loves experiencing something new and different to see, eat and do on their trips, but always keep in mind that the time together is what makes the travel fun. Andrea and her kids will decide on two or three must-dos for their trip, but after that, the focus is on enjoying their time together. They’re looking forward to exciting new experiences this year with Hilton Mom Voyage.

  • Best vacation ever:  Bundling up in the car for a long road trip with a favorite book on tape.
  • Best thing to order from room service:  Anything indulgent. You’re already getting room service, so might as well make it count.
  • Favorite sing-along song for the car:  Anything on the radio. We’re fans of pop songs.
  • Plane, train, or automobile:  Train! But automobile has many advantages.
  • Secret weapon for mid-flight meltdown:  Hershey’s Kiss.

Follow Andrea on Instagram: @sarainarl

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