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Fun Things to Do in San Diego for Children of All Ages

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If your travels land you in San Diego, you will not be disappointed. My kids span a wide age range, and we all had a blast during our recent vacation in San Diego. There was never a dull moment...

things to do in Copenhagen

Fun Things to Do in Scandinavia With Kids

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We spent a week in Malmö, Sweden during the summer with our two young daughters. We toured Copenhagen, Denmark, the Southern part of Sweden and also traveled to Gothenburg, Sweden. We rented a car, and found it easy to navigate the...

Road Trip Troubles -or- a Tour of the Garages of the Northeast

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Most articles at Hilton Mom Voyage are positive ones that accurately describe the fun that families can have on vacation. However, sometimes things go awry. I want to share an example of problems that make me laugh in retrospect....