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Top Five Indoor Things to See in Boston

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“I’m hot!” “It’s too cold!” “Yuck, it’s raining!” If you are part of a family that loves to explore, I’m sure you are no stranger to comments like these. When visiting any city, it is always nice to have a few activities that can be enjoyed no matter what the weather. Listed here are our top five indoor things to see in Boston.

Museum of Science Boston

The Museum of Science Boston is not only a great place to escape the elements but also a place where the family could easily spend the entire day. This three-story hands-on, interactive museum has live presentations, exhibits, IMAX films, 3-D films, Planetarium shows and over 500 interactive objects. The activities and presentations are geared for all different age groups and therefore make it easy to find something for everyone.

Tip: If you would like to know even more about this museum, check out my other Hilton Mom Voyage article, Best Things To Do In Boston With Kids – Museum of Science.

New England Aquarium

Most kids love all kinds of animals…Fish included! Although we visited the New England Aquarium during construction (which is now complete), we were still able to experience more than 70 exhibits featuring aquatic animals from all around the world. Some of our favorites were being mesmerized by the jellyfish, viewing the interesting leafy sea dragons and touching the quick but graceful stingrays. You can also check out the Atlantic harbor seals on your way inside the aquarium or head out back to see the Northern fur seals in action!

Magical, mezmerizing jellyfish!

Magical, mezmerizing jellyfish!

Boston Children’s Theatre

I know that attending a show at a children’s theater doesn’t usually rank too high on the list of things to do when visiting a city, but it should! On a tip from an online review, I decided to give the Boston Children’s Theatre a try, and my family was glad that I did. Not only did my entire family get to see the musical, Honk! for under $100, but this was honestly one of the best shows I have ever seen with my kids. The theater was easy to get to using public transportation. Once we were there, the seating was comfortable and inviting. As for the show, the set, props and costumes were interesting, lovely and relevant; the acting was outstanding; and the storyline was perfect for the entire family. Honestly, a BIG win for a small price!

Honk! the musical - Boston Children's Theatre

Honk! the musical at the Boston Children’s Theatre.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Ok, I know this isn’t technically a 100% “indoor” activity and that you won’t be completely sheltered from the outdoor elements, but this marketplace is a combination of restaurants, shops, pushcarts and food stalls that are sure to help you cool off, warm up, dry out or just have fun!

Located in the heart of downtown Boston and within steps of our hotel, Hilton Boston Downtown/Faneuil Hall, this indoor/outdoor marketplace was one of my family’s favorite places to go. The cobblestone streets, ethnic foods and unique gifts all added to the charm of this famous spot. Weather permitting, you will even see outdoor entertainment such as jugglers, clowns, mimes, acrobats, magicians, and musicians. My daughter was even encouraged to join in the entertainment (playing the bucket drums). An experience she won’t soon forget!

The Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market area was one of our favorite places to wander!

The Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market area were favorite places to wander!

Boston Children’s Museum

Although the Boston Children’s Museum is one place that we didn’t get to visit on our last trip to Boston, this is also one place that comes highly recommended from several of my favorite “mommy” friends. I was told that this indoor entertainment extravaganza will easily eat up an entire day, and in case you didn’t know, this is one of the largest children’s museums in the world.

Their exhibits and programs encourage hands-on engagement and are geared toward children of all ages from toddler to teen and beyond. Some of the favorite parts, and the ones that I have heard most about, include: giant bubble-making tools in the Science Playground, the art studio, the dance studio, the theater studio and the three-story New Balance Climb. And, I think they just scream family fun! I was also informed that it’s a good idea to bring a change of clothes as the water tables and other interactive exhibits can leave visitors a bit on the messy side!

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