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Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland

Things to Do in Iceland on a Short Trip

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I am always looking for new adventures. I want my kids to see the world, and if an opportunity arises, I take it. When fellow Hilton Mom Voyage blogger Mary told me about her trip to Iceland, I knew we had to go.

Iceland not only has an amazing landscape, it is easy to get to. It was a highlight of our Europe trip for everyone in my family. Here is our list of things to do in Iceland, particularly if you only have a short time to visit.

Flights to Iceland

The easiest way to get to Iceland is to fly Icelandair. Use Icelandair to travel to Europe and they allow a stopover for up to seven days. We flew Icelandair to Paris from New York, but they also leave from Washington, D.C., Orlando, Boston, Seattle, Minneapolis and Denver.

A stopover in Iceland will also break up the long flight. We chose a stopover on our way back from Europe, and it was the perfect break after a long week of city touring.

Iceland has very few main roads so driving is easy. Rent a car with a GPS at the airport for the least expensive way for a family to tour Iceland.

Things to See in Iceland

There are sites we saw in Iceland unlike any other. Our first stop from the airport was the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is a magical blue geothermal pool that is a constant 100° F. The outside temperature in June was 55° so the steam rising from the pool set the scene. My kids swam, rubbed healing volcanic mud on their bodies and were purely amazed that such a place existed.

Things to do in Iceland - Blue Lagoon

Swimming in the Blue Lagoon is one of the fun things to do in Iceland with kids.

The next day we saw waterfalls and geysers on the Golden Circle. From Reykjavik, we drove straight to Gullfoss Waterfall. Multiple levels of water and beautiful rainbows await.

Our next stop was Strokkur Geyser. Geysers are all over Iceland, but this particular one erupts at least every 10 minutes. My kids could have stood there for hours. The excitement of the geyser erupting produced screams of excitement every time.

Our last stop on the circle was Thingvellir National Park. We hiked at this UNESCO site featuring the tectonic plate boundaries of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Things to do in Iceland - Thingvellir National Park

Hiking in Thingvellir National Park.

Touring Rekjavik is also not to be missed. The town has unique charm not to mention unique food to try. We stayed at Hilton Reykjavik Nordica and found it to be a convenient location with beautiful views of the harbor.

If you are short on time and not sure how to fit in a stop to Iceland, remember that in the summer time there is daylight in Iceland for up to 24 hours a day. You can fit in all of these things to do in Iceland if you plan it right. Iceland was an amazing adventure for my family and is a place that everyone must see!

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