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Barcelona Guided Tour for the Whole Family

Things to do in Barcelona: Fat Tire Bike Tours

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Barcelona, Spain is a beautiful city rich in architecture, history, and culture. I was somewhat overwhelmed trying to choose which things to do in Barcelona with all the activities and sights before us. I wanted an overview of the top attractions on my first day to catch a glimpse of what the rest of my vacation would hold.

I am not fond of being stuffed on a bus listening to tour guides and walking tours don’t cover very much ground. When you add in a six- and four-year-old on either of these, the day is most likely set for disaster.

So, I searched out a family-friendly Barcelona city tour and found Fat Tire Bike Tours. I corresponded with them via e-mail and found out they have bike trailers and, even better for us, tag-a-long bikes like my family rides at home. I reserved our tour for the first morning after our arrival and knew this would be a hit.

We met up with the tour group at Plaza Sant Jaume, a short cab ride from Hilton Barcelona, where we were introduced to the rest of the group — couples, families, and friends from the U.S., London, and New Zealand among other places.

Our tour guide Margo gave us a few interesting facts about the Plaza and led us a short distance to the bike shop. We had been given a trailer for our younger son and a tag-a-long for our older. The younger was not excited about being pulled in a trailer, and we were able to trade it out for the tag-a-long. The kids were given bike helmets and we were ready to go.

Fat Tire Bike Tours - Barcelona City Overview

A ride around Barcelona with Fat Tire Bike Tours was a great introduction to this beautiful city.

During the first 10 minutes of the tour, I panicked. The narrow streets were crowded and I was trying to ride a bike that was slightly too tall and pull a child on his bike. (I’m the unfortunate adult that’s slightly too tall for a kids bike, but not quite tall enough for an adult bike.)  I felt like a hamster in an obstacle course. However, we emerged from these tight streets within minutes and were on a bike-friendly route in my comfort zone.

And then the fun began! We were able to cover a great distance in a short time which allowed us a quick overview of many of Barcelona’s most popular attractions. We visited Sagrada Familia, Parc de la Ciutadella, Arc del Triomf, and many more top attractions.

The real treasure was the information and stories Margo shared at each stop which gave context to what we were seeing and allowed insight into the people, places, and culture of this beautiful city. We stopped at a restaurant on the beach where we ate as a group from a limited menu for about 10 Euros per person. The last few minutes of the tour were back on the narrow, crowded streets near the bike shop, but I had gained enough confidence by then that I made it through like a pro!

Fountain at Barcelona's Parc de la Ciutadella

The fountain at Parc de la Ciutadella was a stop we might have missed if we hadn’t taken the city tour with Fat Tire Bike Tours.

There were not more than a couple of times that we rode uphill and stops were frequent so people with average physical abilities should be able to manage this without problems. There is a place to carry a water bottle on the back of each bike, so bring one along or purchase one at the bike shop before heading out.

This tour was a highlight of our trip and helped us prioritize the things we most wanted to do with the remainder of our vacation. The same company also offers tours in London, Berlin, and Paris. When I visit those cities, I’ll be certain to take advantage of this somewhat unique and very fun way to tour around.

Does your family enjoy finding unique, adventurous ways to take in vacation destinations?

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