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Safe House Milwaukee WI | Milwaukee Safehouse Password

Spy Hangout: SafeHouse in Milwaukee, WI

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Do you have a child (or spouse) that is obsessed with spy movies? If you’re in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, then you’ll have to search out the SafeHouse restaurant. I don’t know if I’m going to disclose too much classified information in this article, so if I disappear in the next couple days, you’ll all know what went down.

Located in a plain alleyway near the river, you won’t find a neon sign indicating you have reached the SafeHouse. Instead, look for International Exports, Ltd.

Milwaukee SafeHouse Password

Like any spy haunt, you’ll be expected to know the secret password to gain entrance. If you don’t know the password, you’ll be asked to complete a mission instead. Our family’s mission was to slither on the floor like snakes.

Once we made it in, everyone in the bar area congratulated us, because they saw our screening process on closed circuit camera. If you want to get a laugh, check out the spies like us who don’t know the password completing their missions.

Safe House Milwaukee WI - Phone booth

Write a secret message in one of the SafeHouse Milwaukee’s top secret phone booths.

Inside SafeHouse Milwaukee

The staff never once broke character and referred to each of us as agents or spies when they addressed us. We had a blast exploring the secret passageways, the spy memorabilia, and trying to complete the mission sheet that was given to us to make our time go by faster while we waited for our table.

Make sure to check out the two-way mirror in the UniSexy bathroom (don’t worry: no one will see you), and look out for the exploding toilet in another bathroom. It about scared the pants off my 5 year-old daughter; she thought she had done something wrong.

My son bellied up to the Magic Bar, which was slightly concerning, to see some awesome magic tricks done by the bartender, like pulling another customer’s $50 bill out of a freshly sliced lemon.

Once we sat down to have dinner, the traditional bar food did not disappoint. SafeHouse is completely family-friendly for lunch up until 8 pm. At that time, they begin to charge a cover, and the atmosphere gets louder and more club-like.

Safe House Milwaukee WI - Food

Traditional bar food and cold drinks complete the spy experience at the SafeHouse in Milwaukee

After a fun-filled evening at SafeHouse, we retired to our hideout at Hilton Milwaukee City Center, which is within walking distance with kids if it’s not too cold outside.

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Safe House Milwaukee WI | Milwaukee Safehouse Password

SafeHouse photo by Richie Diesterheft / CC BY-SA 2.0

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