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Camuy Caves Tour Puerto Rico

Visit Rio Camuy Cave Park in Puerto Rico

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When in Puerto Rico, take the time to check out the fascinating cave system on the island with this exciting day trip to Camuy Caves in the northwestern part of the country.

Camuy Caves Location

Rio Camuy Cave Park is a reasonable day trip from any of the Hilton hotels in San Juan. Hopping on 22 West from San Juan, you can reach the caves in a little over an hour. There are tolls on the highways, but if you’ve rented a car, they’re equipped with electronic transponders, so you’re clear to breeze through the toll booths without stopping. The rental car agency will bill you later for the tolls, but they’re not particularly expensive. Driving around Puerto Rico is easy, with roads and exits well marked.

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Arrival Tips, Hours and Entrance Fees

I really recommend you get there early, preferably by 8 or 8:30 am. The park opens at 9 am and only a certain number of tickets are released each day in order to protect the caverns. Tickets are often gone by noon. With our large group, I showed up early to purchase our tickets, letting the others sleep in a bit before they joined us. But during that wait for our group, there was a substantial increase in the crowd.

Getting into the cavern means first waiting in the atrium with some very nice kiosks selling souvenirs and frozen custard, then waiting again to take the tram to the entrance to the cavern. Once our group joined us, we probably waited about 30 minutes to get into the caverns, and that wait was definitely quite a bit longer by the time we got out of the caverns.

Camuy Caves Tour Puerto Rico

Camuy Caves in Puerto Rico are beautiful and wide open.

Tickets are on the high end, in my opinion, at $18 each, but I like that the funds are used to preserve this very unique ecosystem. I suggest calling the park directly to get up-to-date information before visiting. I had a little difficulty finding information online, but you can call directly at (787) 898-3100 or (787) 898-3136.

Camuy Caves Tour

On the very cool tram ride to the cavern entrance, everyone receives their own headset for a pre-recorded audio tour with numbered stops along the way so you know when to advance to the next description. The tram winds down towards the cave entrance and you can feel the air getting cooler as you drop down. By the time we got to the cavern entrance, I was wishing for my hoodie.

It’s truly beautiful and very open. I expected a completely underground cave system, but Camuy Caverns has a wide entrance, as well as opening up at the sinkhole. The tour loops through the cavern, so you exit where you entered. It’s also an easy walk, so it’s a good trip for any age.

You’ll find so many gorgeous places to take pictures. But be forewarned: you must stay with the group or you’ll get the same warning, “Ma’am, you have to stop taking pictures now. You have to stay with the group.” Look for La Bruja and sample water said to be from the fountain of youth.

Be prepared: at the end of the tour, you must pass through the gift shop. The whole tour including wait time, tram ride and walk through the cavern took us about two hours. We left at the perfect time to try some local food for lunch on the way home: chicken, rice and beans at Ramán, just down the road from the caverns.

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