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Puerto Vallarta Zip Line Adventure

Puerto Vallarta Zip Line Adventure

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I wouldn’t say that I’m afraid of heights, more that I have a healthy respect for gravity. However, when we were looking for excursions to do while we were in Puerto Vallarta, my husband found a remarkable buy one get one free rate for zip lining at Indio Canopy that truly was too good to pass up. However, I won’t lie; I was a bit apprehensive.

It’s not just that fact that you’ll be suspended in the air above rocks and water, I told myself. You’ll be doing it in a different country. Do they have a government agency that inspects zip lines in Mexico? How close is the nearest hospital? Would they send a helicopter? 

I finally convinced myself I’d go. After all, if you thought about it, I was basically free, right? If I decided not to do it after we got there, we wouldn’t be losing any money.

When we go on excursions, we prefer not to be with a large group, and the tour we booked the zip lining with indicated it would be a small group. As it turned out, due to several people dropping out at the last minute, there were only two other people with our family of four.

Puerto Vallarta Zip Line

Soaring over the beautiful landscape on a Puerto Vallarta zip line.

As an aside, on our way out of Indio Canopy, a huge tour bus and a van pulled up, letting about 25 people out. We were very happy we weren’t in a group that large.

Puerto Vallarta Zip Line Tour at Indio Canopy

We walked from our hotel, Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort to the nearby Indio Canopy office for our ride to the zip lines. Once we arrived, we were outfitted with safety gear and met our two guides for a safety briefing. The guides were excellent, very safety-oriented and friendly. It was obvious they knew what they were doing.

Indio Canopy has 10 zip lines and you walk from line to line. There are three really steep climbs, so keep that in mind if you or someone in your group is physically challenged or has mobility issues. They do have water for you drink and a place to sit and rest for a brief minute after you finish these climbs.

Puerto Vallarta zip line - Superman pose

Superman Pose at Indio Canopy Puerto Vallarta zip line.

On several of the lines you have the option to go either upside down or in a Superman position. Frankly, I thought it was adventurous enough for me to do the zip lines period, so I declined. However, my braver family members (both kids and my husband) did both. Zip lining was truly an adventure I’d recommend. It was exhilarating, and I’d do it again in a minute.

Indio Canopy is open year round with tour pickups around the Puerto Vallarta area, leaving at 8 am, 10 am, 12 pm, and 2 pm daily. The minimum age is 6 years-old and the maximum weight is 250 lbs.

Tips for Booking Puerto Vallarta Zip Line Tours and Other Excursions

1. Book a private or small group tour if possible. You’ll enjoy yourselves more if you’re not packed shoulder-to-shoulder with a large group of people. This is especially true when it’s summer and hot and everyone’s sweating.

2. If you’re staying in a popular cruise ship port (like we were in Puerto Vallarta), try to book your excursions when there’s not a ship in port. You can find port schedules online.

3. Book your tour for first thing in the morning when activities tend to be much less crowded.

4. Make sure you bring cash to tip your guides.

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