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Vilamoura - Praia de Falesia in southern Portugal

Favorite Portugal Attractions in Vilamoura and Algarve

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Have you ever happened upon a place that you hadn’t really considered for a vacation, but it quickly became one of your all-time favorites? Portugal, tucked under the geographic wing of Spain, was just such a place for my family. I had actually planned to visit another part of Spain after a few days in Barcelona. Travel being what it is, though, that plan fell through and I began exploring the possibility of continuing my vacation at Hilton Vilamoura As Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa.

After my stay, Hilton Vilamoura and the Algarve region of Portugal shot up to be amongst the top of my all-time favorite places. And with several great vacations on the list, that’s really saying something for this amazing resort and area. So, it’s time to alert the American public to a vacation treasure that has been unearthed in this family-friendly resort in Portugal. Here is my list of our favorite Portugal attractions in Vilamoura and Algarve.

The Dining Experience

One of my favorite discoveries in Vilamoura was the food. Hilton Vilamoura offers evening transportation to the marina area. Most people turn directly towards the marina once there, but we were greeted by a man holding paper menus and promising a free first drink so we followed him to a particular restaurant. We found that there were many restaurants employing these men to lead visitors to a courtyard area in the opposite direction from the marina.

Although I really meant to try some of the things directly on the water, after a couple of nights of heading in the other direction we were absolutely hooked. The hospitality, free appetizers and drinks that were offered, and exceptional food kept us coming back. Each night we debated on which place was our favorite, but simply could not pick a clear winner.

We had the pleasure of trying A Broa, Ancora Restaurante, and Casa do Pescador among others. On our last night we stayed at the hotel and had the Asian Buffet at Moscada, one of the restaurants at Hilton Vilamoura. It was a lovely treat, and I would recommend trying it as well.

Vilamoura - Ancora Restaurante

After a full day of touring, a fabulous dinner topped off with scrumptious desserts and even a little TV time was a hit at Ancora Restaurante in Vilamoura.

Praia de Falesia Beach

Praia de Falesia in Vilamoura is a beautiful Atlantic Ocean beach. The pristine sand provided just the medium my boys needed to become artists for a while followed by excavators and eventually they even were still enough to be buried and transformed into mermen. The clear blue water, though cold for our warm-weather skin, was an exquisite backdrop for an afternoon of jumping waves. You will certainly want to have your camera on-hand for all the picturesque family moments.

Sailing, Sailing, Over the Ocean Blue

We had initially wanted to book a sailing trip along the coastline on a masted ship — or pirate’s ship as my boys referred to it — but couldn’t because of scheduling conflicts. We ended up on a yacht that sailed from the Vilamoura Marina to a location with many caves.

We then transferred in groups to a speedboat that took us to the entrance of some of the caves. We even saw a blowhole that had been worn in the top of one of the caves by the waves. The hour of sailing to get to the caves and another hour to return was a little long for my kids, but the scenery was beautiful and they loved riding in the speedboat.

Vilamoura - Speedboat & Caves!

Our favorite part of the cruise along the Portugal coastline was a speedboat ride near the entrance of the caves.

We also enjoyed an All-Day Jeep Safari to Algarve and the spectacular amenities at Hilton Vilamoura, including the Paradise Island Kids Club and 7Seven Spa.

Have you experienced the beauty, activities, and relaxation of Vilamoura in the Algarve region of Portugal? Or have you discovered a new place that unexpectedly became a favorite vacation destination?

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