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MLB Games at New York Yankee Stadium

MLB Games and Minor League Baseball Games for Kids

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It’s time to take the family to a baseball game! You can share a hot dog with the kids. Laugh and cheer in the sunshine as you put thoughts of winter behind you and rediscover America’s national pastime. MLB games can offer your family a memorable experience, but you can also enjoy the same family fun at a bargain price by watching one of the many minor league baseball games across North America.

One of the joys of being a Dad is sharing the things that you love with your kids. Sports is one of those things. My grandfather was an ardent Brooklyn Dodgers fan. He followed every game on the Voice of America shortwave radio and he explained the sport to me, his grandson. The first game that I remember watching with him was the 1963 World Series between the New York Yankees and the then Los Angeles Dodgers. The legends, Don Drysdale and Mickey Mantle, actually played. In 1992 when I attended the World Series in Toronto, I met Mickey Mantle, got an autographed ball and related my fond memories of my grandfather and me watching him play. Mickey wasn’t as thrilled with the memory as the Yankees lost that series 4-0.

MLB Games: The New York Yankees

Michele and I have taken our daughters to Yankee Stadium to watch the New York Yankees live. The new stadium maintains the aura of the Yankees even if it is missing the history of the old ballpark. My girls had fun watching the game, eating hot dogs and popcorn and taking in the crowd experience. They saw the Yankees stars and got the t-shirts.  My youngest daughter is the bigger baseball fan and she loves going to a game. She still doesn’t quite get the idea of fan loyalty as her three favorite teams are the strange mix of the NY Yankees, the Boston Red Sox and the NY Mets. Nevertheless, we have had fun family weekends watching a live sporting event together.

If you are spending a weekend in a different city with your family, you can attend a Major League Baseball game and make memories with your children. The live sports event is exciting and different. Even younger kids who don’t follow the game will eat junk food, try the “wave” and take bragging rights back to their school. Tickets for MLB games are often available online if you plan in advance.

Minor League Baseball: The Bridgeport Bluefish

MLB games can be costly so there are limits to how often a family of four can attend. A more economical alternative to consider is attending a minor league baseball game with your kids. Across North America there are 28 professional and amateur baseball leagues with roughly 290 teams. These range from collegiate teams through AAA teams. There is certainly a minor league baseball team playing near most major cities.

The Bridgeport Bluefish play in the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, an independent AAA-level league. They play at The Ballpark at Harbor Yard, a modern 5,300 seat venue in downtown Bridgeport, Connecticut near the waterfront just off Interstate I-95.

Baseball at this park is an ideal way to spend a fun filled and sunny afternoon or an exciting evening with your family. The baseball is fast and well played only a few feet from your seat. You actually must watch out for the dust when a player slides into home plate. There are 67 home games in the 2014 season in both evenings and afternoons. We visited the Bluefish with our middle school group and a group of Chinese exchange students who saw their first American baseball game. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

The Ballpark at Harbor Yard has a couple of good food concessions with all the traditional ballpark offerings. You can eat at your seats or you can bring the family to a picnic area where you can still see the game. Children can also go over to the Kid Zone to play if they tire of the game. Wherever they may be, kids can expect to meet the friendly mascot “BB the Bluefish.”  Team management also run multiple promotions so there are frequently giveaways of items like caps, totes, shirts, keychains and collectibles.

What is great about the minor leagues is the entertainment you get for so little money. The play is exciting and you will never be closer to the action. The 2014 Bluefish general admission tickets are only $9.00, while box seats only go to $13.50. A family of four can attend and eat hot dogs for less than a single major league baseball ticket alone.

Minor League Baseball - Bridgeport Bluefish at the Ballpark at Harbor Yard

Every seat has a great view at The Ballpark at Harbor Yard.


If you want to attend a New York Yankees game, you can get tickets online.

For tickets to the Bridgeport Bluefish, visit www.bridgeportbluefish.com. The Bluefish Home Opener is April 30. For a great place to stay at reasonable rates and with easy access to both New York and Bridgeport, consider staying at Hilton Stamford Hotel & Executive Meeting Center in my hometown of Stamford, CT. You will find good rooms and hospitable people at a family friendly hotel.

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