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inamo London restaurant review

inamo Restaurant – Techno-Fun and Delicious Food in London

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Almost as soon as we decide on the location of our next journey, we get started on a bit of foodie research to learn about the local restaurant hot spots there. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m the youngest of 11 kids and many of my fondest childhood memories include some type of food (or lack of it, if my 8 brothers got there first). Maybe it’s because my husband is a chef and restaurant owner who comes from a family of restaurateurs. Or heck, maybe it’s just because we simply love good food!

No matter what the reason, we found one of the coolest, must try, Asian-fusion restaurants on our trip to London and our kids loved it too! It’s called inamo and in addition to being a techno-fabulous restaurant, it also serves up seriously tasty eats. Long story short, if you’re heading to London, here’s why you and your kids have got to give inamo a try…

Most Awesome Ordering System

I think most everybody can agree that if a server somehow messes up your order, it causes a bit of dinnertime dilemma. Good news! No chance of that happening because at inamo they put all of the power in your hands. That’s right…each and every diner is responsible for placing their own order, right on the table (and I do mean on the table)!

How, you ask? Well, each seat is assigned to an individual computer with an interactive ordering system whose screen is located in the ceiling and projected down onto the table in front of you, complete with a finger operated mouse pad. This literally takes dinner at your fingertips to a whole new level. So cool!

inamo London restaurant review

What you see is what you get at inamo in London!

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

When clicked on, or hovered over, the name of each menu item expands to a complete list of ingredients as well as a realistic-size picture of the dish or drink directly onto the table in front of you. That way you can see exactly what you’ll be getting should you decide to order it.

This was both a good and bad thing for us. Good because it really helped my kids to decide on what to order, as it let them inspect whether it fit their stringent standards, and bad because everything looked so tasty, life-sized and realistic that my husband and I just kept ordering!

One other awesome tidbit…there is no waiting for everyone to enter their order(s) before receiving food. Each time a diner places an individual order, it is immediately sent back to the kitchen and served to you as soon as it’s ready. Great for kids who need food fast and parents who would like to enjoy a beverage first!

Note: inamo does not allow special requests or changes to their menu items, like no onions, for example.

Fantastic Food Choices

As I mentioned earlier, inamo is an Asian-fusion restaurant whose menu includes influences from Japan, China, Thailand, Korea and beyond. With everything from large and small sizes of sushi, sashimi and duck pancakes to tempura veggies, chicken satay, Korean wings, ribs, fish and even tender and tasty pork cheeks, there is literally something here for everyone! Even our super-picky eater loved the wings, chicken, steamed rice, homemade ice cream and delicious crème brulee.

They even offer a super-refreshing “frozen beer” (for mom and dad, of course) whose top-foam actually comes out of an Icee machine. So delicious! The best way to sum up the menu here… perfection.

inamo London restaurant review

A “Frozen Beer” for mom and dad… delightful!

The Overall Interactive Experience

Okay, this whole system was simply incredible, innovative and magnificent! I can’t believe I’ve never seen it anywhere in the U.S. before. It was so simple to use, especially for our techno savvy kids, and it really made this whole experience something so much more than just a dining adventure. Its interactive features allowed each diner an excellent experience.

Not only were you able to see and order your own food but the system also allowed you to play games (alone or with a tablemate) and even change the table cloth with a number of different options, including personalized ones like business logos, personal photos or sayings like “Happy Birthday!” or “Will you marry me?” — which must be sent in at least 24 hours in advance.

To top it off, the system also offers diners a live “kitchen camera” option, just in case you want to watch the chef making your food! All these extras provided a ton of fun for my family and a fabulous dinner we’ll never forget!

When in London, be sure to go to inamo. It’s incredible!

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Mary Ellen’s meal from inamo restaurant was complimentary so that she could share information about family-friendly restaurants in London; however, she was not paid to write this article and all opinions expressed here are her own.

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