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Amsterdam Hotels - Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – A Great Choice Among Amsterdam Hotels

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a major international hub and one of the gateways to Europe and Asia for passengers traveling from the U.S. As a result, this historic European city makes a convenient stop-off point where many visitors choose to stay and tour for a few days before continuing to their next destination.

This summer, my family stayed in Amsterdam as our first stop on a four-country tour. We didn’t have much time there, and we wanted to stay at a hotel that offered us easy accommodations while we suffered through jet lag.

We were also looking for convenient transportation options while in Amsterdam and efficient transfers to our next destinations. For those reasons, we chose Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (pronounced “Skip-ole”) and were very pleased with our decision. Here are five reasons why we recommend this hotel over other Amsterdam hotels for families traveling internationally:

1. Ease into your vacation after a transatlantic flight

Many of the flights from the U.S. to Amsterdam are “red-eyes” that fly overnight, crossing at least six time zones and landing in the early morning. As hard as I tried to sleep, I only “slept” for about two hours on the flight; my daughters slept for maybe four hours. We were exhausted!

It was such a relief to learn that our hotel was down the hallway from the airport. We didn’t even have to locate a shuttle or hail a taxi! It was well-marked in English and easy to find, even in our bleary-eyed, tired state. Although they can’t always accommodate an early check-in, one of our rooms was ready and available at 9 am, so we were able to freshen up before we headed out sight-seeing. (The best way to combat jet-lag is to stay active!)

2. Close to multiple transportation options

Hilton Amsterdam Airport is on the airport property which means all the transportation options usually found at airports are mere steps away. The train terminal is a five to seven minute walk from the hotel, and again, it is well-marked in English on how to access the train platform. A 15- to 20-minute train ride brings passengers to Amsterdam Centraal Station, from which you can access boats, canal tours, trams and taxis to different parts of the city.

The Amsterdam airport is also adjacent to the car rental offices, which we needed for the next part of our trip. To pick up the keys, the rental desks are in the airport terminal, but the cars themselves are next to the hotel for easy car-packing. So, you don’t need to haul your luggage all the way to the terminal. This easy accessibility makes an overnight layover in Amsterdam a feasible option for families wishing to see some of the city’s sights during a short stay.

Centraal Station Amsterdam

Built in 1889, the Centraal Station is largest railway station in the Netherlands, and serves 250,000 passengers daily.

3. Save money on accommodations

Because the hotel is located just 20 minutes outside the city center, its rooms have a much more economical price point than those located within the city. When we were booking our trip, the prices were roughly half of some of the other major hotels located in Amsterdam. This allowed us to get two rooms, which everyone appreciated!

4. Modern accommodations = more spacious rooms

Hilton Amsterdam Airport is currently in the midst of major renovations to be completed by the summer of 2015. While the current hotel suited us just fine, we are looking forward to seeing the beautiful new building. With its large octagonal windows and modern aesthetic, the new hotel will boast 433 rooms, 48 of which will be interconnecting rooms specifically for families. Older buildings can be quaint, but that can also mean they are small with limited storage.

Lastly, don’t worry about the airport location being noisy: every room is soundproofed. We were never disturbed by any loud noises of airplanes (or fellow guests).

5. Great Dining Options for Families

There is a variety of restaurants at Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Our kids enjoyed watching the planes take off and land while eating breakfast in the Executive Lounge. We also enjoyed dinner at the Teppanyaki Table, where an entertaining chef cooks your meal right in front of you. Our chef was so accommodating to children that he let our daughters make their own desserts.

Amsterdam Hotels - Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The chef at the Teppanyaki Table, the Japanese steakhouse in Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol let our girls make their own desserts!

It might not make sense in every city to choose an airport hotel, but in Amsterdam, we found that Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol met our travel needs and exceeded our expectations.

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