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Celebrate Halloween at Harry Potter Studios London

A Very Harry Potter Halloween in London

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Even if you’re not a big fan of the Harry Potter movies, you have to indulge your kids and visit The Making of Harry Potter at Warner Bros. Studios just outside of London. During Halloween, the tour is made even more special with a focus on The Dark Arts, bringing to life some of the darker and more scary parts of the Harry Potter stories to give visitors a special Halloween thrill.

Harry Potter Studios London - mermaid from Goblet of Fire

The mermaids from Goblet of Fire at the Harry Potter studios in London were pretty darn scary up close!

Celebrate Halloween at the Harry Potter Studios in London

All the magic of Hogwarts and its mysteries come to life on this tour. These studios are where all the Harry Potter films were made and where the actors grew up while filming together. Many of the sets and props are kept for display here, and it’s a very impressive collection. This month, designers have added a few Halloween “upgrades” available now through November 12, sure to make you despise He Who Shall Not Be Named all the more!

Harry Potter Studios London - Dumbledore's office

Step into Dumbledore’s office on the Harry Potter studio tour.

The Great Hall

When we entered the Hogwarts Great Hall, the view was overwhelming, with tables set up on either side like a regular meal for the students. And yet, there’s more: dangling above our heads were dozens of jack-o-lanterns, lit festively in true Halloween spirit and giving the whole scene a different level of spooky celebration.

Harry Potter Studios London - Hogwarts Great Hall during Halloween

Hogwarts’ Great Hall was all decked out for Halloween with spooky jack-o-lanterns at the Harry Potter studios in London.

The Potions Room

The set of the Potions Room from the Hogwarts cellars has been meticulously displayed, complete with jars of unsavory concoctions and bits and pieces of mythical creatures ready for the making of magical potions. This area is downright creepy whether it’s Halloween or not. Even so, we spied some special surprises added just for this celebration. See if you can find them for yourselves!

The Spooky Forest

Okay not to give it away or anything, but as part of the tour we moved along a darkening path through a grove of trees that was highlighted by a mysterious fog which covered our feet (and the path!) from sight. As we walked into the dark passageways, we heard people scream; these were guests not actors. Let’s just say that if you are not fond of spiders, this area will haunt your dreams.

The Bridge at Hogwarts

About halfway through the tour, we were pleased to rest our weary souls at a café for some lunch and a taste of delicious Butter Beer. But that was not the only cool thing. We had perfect timing because just as we were leaving, a scary phalanx of Death Eaters marched into view with evil wands drawn for a special Halloween demonstration. They took over that old rickety bridge at Hogwarts to fight a group of kids from the crowd, chosen to protect us muggles and all of Hogwarts by using their own good wands to thwart the Death Eaters’ evil plans. Of course the kids won and looked so cute doing it.

Diagon Alley

Another favorite was Diagon Alley, decked out with a few special extras for Halloween that were both mysterious and fun. More entertaining than scary, this area was as playful and fanciful as it is in the films. We took our time in this area so we could really take in the details of each shop, from the wand store to the apothecary.

Throughout the vast sound stages and studios there are additional surprises if you can spy them out. For little kids, the tour offers an activity and coloring book that rewards those that can find and identify where these surprises are located. Hint: Look towards the back of the Hogwarts Express for one!

Have fun and don’t get too spooked. After all, it’s just the movies – or issssss it? Bwahahaha…

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Halloween at Harry Potter Studios London

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