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Fun things to do in Curaçao - Curaçao Ostrich Farm

Fun Things to do in Curaçao – Get Up Close and Personal with Ostriches

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Do you know the difference between an ostrich and an emu? Or, how many chicken eggs it would take to make the same size omelet you can make with just one ostrich egg? Do you know why people think ostriches bury their heads in the sand even though this is a complete myth? Can you guess which body part ostriches use as a powerful weapon?

I’m guessing you might not. If you are curious to find answers to these questions and are looking for fun things to do in Curaçao, you must visit the Curaçao Ostrich Farm! It was a highly memorable experience for our family during our vacation on the island this past winter break.

An Easy Outing in Curaçao

The visit to the Curaçao Ostrich Farm was an easy, less than half-day trip, requiring only a 20-minute drive from Hilton Curaçao where we were staying. In fact, for our 9:00 am tour, we left the hotel at 8:30 am and were back well before noon to cool off in the hotel pool.

Fun and Educational Experience for Everybody in the Family

The most popular attraction at the Curaçao Ostrich Farm is their Safari Tour, an approximately one-hour guided tour of the farm in an open-air safari truck. In addition to seeing ostriches in different stages (from eggs to baby ostriches to adult), we enjoyed learning many interesting and fun facts about the largest birds on earth. As a result, we can now confidently answer all the questions from the first paragraph and more!

The highlight of the tour was a stop to feed the ostriches. Just take a look at our daughter, beaming, in the picture below!

Fun things to do in Curaçao - Feeding Ostriches at Curaçao Ostrich Farm

Feeding ostriches was an amazing experience at the Curaçao Ostrich Farm, one of the fun things to do in Curaçao.

Another fun experience was not only holding, but also standing on an ostrich egg. According to our guide, the eggs can withstand up to approximately 340 lbs of weight!

Fun things to do in Curaçao - Balancing on an ostrich egg

A tough balancing act on an ostrich egg at the Curaçao Ostrich Farm.

The farm unfortunately stopped allowing its guests to pet baby ostriches; however we did marvel at some young (teen perhaps?) ostriches at the end of the tour.

More than Ostriches

After our tour, our family was eager to return to our resort to catch some more rays and snorkel in the turquoise waters off the hotel’s beach one last time before we had to return back to the snowy Chicago the next day. If you have more time, however, there are additional things to do:

You can try an ostrich steak, sausage or burger or an omelet made with ostrich eggs at the farm’s restaurant Zambezi, said to be serving “unique dishes with an African touch.” For less adventurous eaters, there are plenty of other options as well.

While you are waiting for your meal, younger kids can enjoy a large playground area and mini zoo with sheep, pigs, ducks, peacocks and a few other animals. Our kids loved following the giant iguanas, which were roaming all over the farm in large numbers in search of sun and food.

For older guests, there is an interesting souvenir shop in the main building with a wide range of merchandise, including artisan crafts made from empty ostrich eggs. Next to the shop is a room with a few other exhibits such as a gigantic centipede, which resides on the island and is supposedly highly poisonous. If you are looking for more adventures, the Ostrich Farm also offers Quad Tours of the island, most suitable for families with older kids and teens.

Two Tips for Visiting the Curaçao Ostrich Farm

Unless you are renting a car for duration of your stay on the island, I highly recommend booking your transport to and from the Ostrich Farm with Casper Tours. We were very impressed with their punctuality, courtesy and overall professionalism. The round-trip transport cost $10 per person, which was about half the cost of a renting a car. During our short rides, we enjoyed listening to the owner/driver Casper, who told us many interesting things about the island, drawing on his life long experience as a local guide. You can contact Casper Tours directly at +(599-9) 5100721, or ask the hotel or the Ostrich Farm to arrange the ride for you.

If you have flexibility, I suggest you book the earliest Safari Tour of the day (usually at 9:00 am), not just because it gets quite hot on the island, but also because the tours become more crowded as the day progresses. This is especially the case on the days when large cruise ships dock in Willemstad and their passengers go on day trips all over the island. We enjoyed a private tour at 9:00 am, but observed a very crowded one just one hour later at 10:00 am.

So if you’re looking for fun things to do in Curaçao, I am confident that the Ostrich Farm will not disappoint!

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