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Franconia Sculpture Park Minnesota

Franconia Sculpture Park, A Must-See in Minnesota

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Just about 45 miles north of Minneapolis and St. Paul, in Shafer, MN, you will find a field filled with enormous sculptures crafted out of just about any type of medium you can imagine. Franconia Sculpture Park is a collaborative installment featuring works of art by local artists and is FREE to the public. While visiting, you will find over 100 sculptures to explore. The mission of the organization is to inspire creativity in all who visit. Franconia Sculpture Park is a must-see in Minnesota.

When you arrive at the park, you will begin to understand the enormity of the space and the sculptures that reside there. The 43 acres of prairie surrounding the area are perfectly preserved, and you will find an abundance of beautiful wildflowers and native grasses.

Franconia Sculpture Park wildflowers

Enjoy viewing the interesting sculptures among beautiful wildflowers throughout the park.

Wander through the mowed and gravel paths with your children and explore the art, but don’t be afraid to touch and climb, it’s part of the fun! You will find unique play structures throughout the park featuring swings made from old boards and chains, slides crafted from metal tubes and stairs built out of metal pipes.

Franconia Sculpture Park playground and swings

Kids will love exploring the unique play areas at Franconia Sculpture Park near Minneapolis.

You are free to wander the park on your own, or you can schedule a tour. The tours offer education on the materials used and the resident artists, as well as the history of Franconia. There are also several golf carts that are available if you require mobile assistance.

Before you leave, don’t forget to grab a water and a popsicle to cool down and hydrate, the park has these available for a small fee. If you enjoyed the park, you can leave a donation; the organization remains successful through donors like you.

In the spring, summer and fall, Franconia has several events ranging from music in the park to artist talks and demonstrations. It’s a great way to get your kids involved in art and inspire their creativity.

Franconia Sculpture Park - 1970s living room

Check out the 1970s living room while you’re visiting Franconia Sculpture Park!

Franconia Sculpture Park is a definite must-see in Minnesota, whether you have lived here all your life, or you are just visiting. It is worth the short drive from Minneapolis and St. Paul and will leave you feeling creatively inspired.

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Franconia Sculpture Park Lizard Lounge photo by m01229 / CC BY 2.0

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