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Hilton @Play with Nick Jonas

Discovering Hilton @Play in Dallas

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Hilton recently began a new rewards program to redeem Hilton Honors points. Concerts and experiences can be purchased using Hilton Honors points as the only viable currency. It’s not possible to purchase these experiences with cash. When I first heard about the program, I thought Oh, that’s neat, but I don’t know if I’d use it that much. After participating in the program, I am so excited to be a point hoarder!

Concerts and experiences

Hilton @Play maintains an extensive list of upcoming concerts to consider. Sometimes a concert is a single show, but often you have the option to bid or purchase tickets for a single performer in a variety of venues. Venues are available within the U.S. and internationally. The prices (in points only) are usually for two tickets to a concert. Hotel and travel are not included. From time to time, special packages are available which include private receptions, the opportunity to attend sound check, or autograph and meet and greet sessions.

Nick Jonas in Concert

Nick Jonas was in his hometown of Dallas this spring and a Hilton @Play concert was scheduled at Hilton Anatole (our favorite Dallas hotel). The concert took place in the middle of the week, but it happened to fall on my daughter’s birthday. We decided to take an overnight trip to see Nick Jonas and celebrate in Big D style.

Not knowing what to expect, we were absolutely shocked with what we found. This particular concert took place in a ballroom of the hotel. Tickets were limited to 500, so we had up close encounters with the band, dancers, and Nick Jonas.

Nick Jonas in concert

Up close and personal with Nick Jonas.

Upon arrival, we checked in through a very long but fast moving line, received our @Play passes (autographed, no less!), and moved into a roped off waiting area. Heavy hors d’oeurves were served along with drinks and a photo booth was available. Doors opened for the concert and people rushed in to get near the stage. At this event, it was completely unnecessary as everyone could be within a few yards of the stage.

Nick Jonas put on a great concert singing new songs and old favorites. The venue was intimate and provided everyone an opportunity to enjoy the concert without being squeezed into tiny spaces. This was the first concert I had taken my two daughters to, and it was a wonderful introduction to live music performances.

As we left the area after the concert, everyone was given a gift bag. It included a local food item (jars of corn relish, jalapeno relish, or black eye pea relish), a cell phone charge booster, and an iTunes gift card. Score!

Hilton @Play gift bags

Hilton @Play gift bags.

Advice for Hilton @Play events

While we had a wonderful time, I do have some advice to offer about the experience.

  • Get to the event early. There was a long line and it moved fast, but we would have enjoyed a little more time to take in the activities, eat, and people watch.
  • Book early. If you find something you want to purchase, go ahead and get it as soon as possible. We left the concert and immediately went upstairs to our rooms to book the Megan Trainer concert in Chicago this July. Unfortunately, it had already sold out and there was no way to attend. So, with Hilton @Play the old saying is true: You snooze, you lose.
  • Go ahead and spend those points. I am a true point hoarder. I save them. Obsessively. Why? I don’t really know. Occasionally, I’ll use a free room for myself or take advantage of a Points & Money deal. Don’t miss out on great experiences by hoarding points. You can always earn more!

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