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Clearwater Beach Activities: Parasailing Clearwater Beach Jet Ski Rentals

Experience Extreme Water Fun on Clearwater Beach, Florida

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While beach vacations can be tremendously relaxing, I think most adventurous families can relate when I admit that after a day of beach combing, sandcastle building, body surfing, suntanning and fruity frozen drinks garnished with a tiny umbrella, we just need a little more…more excitement that is!

Yes, beautiful Clearwater Beach in sunny Florida has everything you’d want in the way of relaxing in paradise — including soft, powder-white sand and sparkling-blue gulf waters — but it also offers so much more for adventure seeking families. High Times Parasail & Watersports, located on a “semi-private beach” almost directly in front of Hilton Clearwater Beach, intertwines that excitement with family-friendly water fun and takes it to a whole new level. It’s a major cowabunga, dudes!

The Adventure Experience

If you love tons of laughter and a few high-pitched squeals mixed with the perfect amount of pep-you-up adrenaline, High Times Parasail & Watersports provides a plethora of options and adventure-packed water experiences that should not be missed. With everything from kayaks, stand up paddle boarding and fly-like-a-bird parasailing to Waverunners, banana boat rides and even the ultra-extreme Flyboarding, this first-class operation offers something for everyone, no matter what level of adventure you’re seeking. Our dynamic mommy and daughter duo opted for the All Inclusive Package, which included everything except for Flyboarding, and provided a full day of fun in the sun, and some unforgettable memories too.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

We eased into our experience and set the stage for adventure with 30 minutes of core-strengthening, stand up paddle boarding, where each accidental salt water plunge supplied a healthy dose of happiness and humble pie all rolled into one!

Riding Jet Skis

Next, we amped up the adrenaline with a 30-minute Waverunner expedition that had us jumping  waves and propelling through the gulf with wild abandon. Of course, I was driving and my tween daughter sat securely behind me with her arms grabbing the straps of my life-vest like the reins of a horse. She was squealing in my ear, “This is awesome! Go faster, mom. Go faster!” (And, each time I pressed the throttle I could just feel myself gaining bonus points for the “I’ve got the coolest mom ever” award.)

Clearwater Beach jet ski rentals

For fun Clearwater Beach activities, check out High Times for jet ski rentals & parasailing in Clearwater Beach.

Banana Boat Ride

If that wasn’t enough excitement, right when we got back to shore we headed out on the banana boat for a truly wild ride. Now, if you’ve never done this, the best way to describe the banana boat, in my opinion, is to say it’s like riding a water bull! In fact, I don’t think I have ever laughed, screeched or held on so tightly in all my life. It was a purely fantastic 15 minutes, packed with unforgettable adventure. So fun!

Yes, you guessed it, after that incredible “banana bull” we needed a little break to grab some lunch, chill out and rest our arms. We asked the folks at High Times if we could take a little “time-out” and they said, no problem! We proceeded to schedule our parasailing for a few hours later and then headed back to the private pool bar, Sand Bar & Grill, at Hilton Clearwater Beach for some delicious energizing eats and a short siesta under the shade of a large umbrella.

Parasailing on Clearwater Beach

Once we were fully refreshed we headed back to the beach, eager for our parasailing adventure to ensue. Wow, what an amazing experience! While you might think it would be slightly frightening or feel like you’re going super fast through the air like zip-lining, but nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, I can add that this may be one of the most incredibly relaxing things I’ve ever done.

My daughter and I were enthralled with the beautiful views and the ethereal feeling of floating through the air. In those minutes of parasailing there was a tremendous peacefulness that I have a hard time expressing in words. It’s definitely a bucket list essential.

We finished up our day with a relaxing 30-minute tandem kayak expedition through the gulf waters, which proved to be the perfect ending to a truly perfect beach day.

The Personal Experience

While I hope I’ve done justice describing all of the fun we had experiencing these incredible water sports, it just wouldn’t be right to sign off without telling you why, in a world packed with beach vendors, that you should choose High Times Parasailing & Watersports. First of all, this is a first-class, family owned and operated business, and I really admired and appreciated their personalized service.

Second, it is no stretch of the truth when I tell you that each one of the close-knit gentlemen who run this operation — and it takes a good-sized crew — were friendly, happy, funny, helpful and extremely knowledgeable individuals. Third, why would anyone waste precious vacation time by going here, there and everywhere, searching for family-friendly water sports, when this company literally has it all, in one spot?

Finally and most importantly, they make safety a top priority, which is a must in my book, especially when dealing with children. At every step of the way and with each new water activity we tried, everything was clearly explained and every safety measure was double-checked. From the extra little tightening of our life vest straps and the little hints and tricks of the activity, to the kid-friendly explanation of the proper way to use the equipment and the outlined details of exactly what to do if a specific “situation” should arise, no stone was left unturned. To say their diligence provided a sense of security and peace of mind is an understatement. This feeling of safety gave us an unbridled enthusiasm and allowed us to have an fantastic experience, without a doubt.

If you’re an adventure seeker, and you find yourself in Clearwater Beach, you must give this company a try. Hands down, High Times is a winner!

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High Times Parasail & Watersports offered Mary Ellen a discounted rate so she could experience more opportunities and fully explain the experiences they offer; however, all opinions expressed here are her own.

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