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Best Marco Island restaurants for families

Best Marco Island Restaurants for Families

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I love traveling for many reasons, and one of them is experiencing new restaurants in different destinations. I always ask hotel staff for their recommendations, and the staff at Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort and Spa were spot-on with their suggestions.

As an aside, our daughter decided the day we left for Marco Island that she was going to be a vegetarian. Though she would eat seafood occasionally, it certainly added an element of “Now what do we do?” to our trip.

Marco Island doesn’t lack when it comes to places to eat and we found a handful of favorites. See our list of the 6 best Marco Island restaurants for families.

1. Snook Inn

The hotel bellhop recommended Snook Inn when we told him we were looking for a quick sandwich. Because it’s located on the oceanfront, you don’t have to drive to get here. You can also dock your boat for a quick meal.

The fried grouper sandwich is highly rated, and after eating a few bites, it was easy to see why. We ate outside and the kids enjoyed watching the pelicans dive into the ocean for their dinner. Live music is offered nightly. For you pickle lovers, the salad bar hosts a barrel of homemade dill pickles. I could have made myself sick!

Best Marco Island Restaurants for families - Grouper at Snook Inn

Snook Inn is one of the best Marco Island restaurants for families (and pescatarians). Try the grouper sandwich and you’ll see why!

2. Stonewalls

Stonewalls was the second sandwich shop the hotel employees recommended. It’s one of those Marco Island restaurants where it’s obvious the staff is good friends with local patrons. We found the service and food exceptional. The menu offers a variety of sandwiches, pastas, salads, and pizza.

3. Sweet Annie’s

Sweet Annie’s ice cream shop has earned the TripAdvisor Seal of Excellence, and our kids totally agree. In fact, we ate there three of our four nights! Unique and delicious flavors fill the display case, and your ice cream is served in a cup or homemade cone.

4. Tokyo Inn Japanese Steak House

Recommended by the hotel concierge when we asked for a good sushi restaurant, this is your typical Japanese restaurant where they cook at your table. Our daughter wanted sushi, and they did not disappoint with their selection.

5. Joey’s Pizzeria & Pasta House

When we saw Sicilian pizza on the menu at Joey’s Pizzeria & Pasta House, we knew right away we were going to try  it. Unfortunately, we were told they were out of it when we tried to order. (Not sure how THAT happens.) Instead, we opted for the original crust. It was really good, but we would have loved to try the Sicilian!

Best Marco Island Restaurants for families - Joey's Pizzeria and Pasta House

The regular crust pizza at Joey’s is delish, but we can’t wait to try the Sicilian!

6. The Crazy Flamingo

If you’re looking for a burger, The Crazy Flamingo is your place. While the island itself wasn’t that busy, this place was always packed. It was definitely worth the wait, though. I suggest eating outside if at all possible.

What are your favorite Marco Island restaurants for families? Please share your recommendations in the comments below!

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