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Fast ‘N’ Furious Family Fun Near Vail, Colorado

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I love excitement and adventure in the great outdoors, and I’ve gotten my family to love it too. While it’s possible that they may have loved it all on their own, I’m taking the credit on this one. I mean, I’m the resident travel planner. If it weren’t for me getting tired of the ho-hum typical vacation experiences, I’m not sure we’d have ever found our beloved “wild sides.”

The wild side is hard to describe but there is one thing I know for sure. The wild side is where the very best memories hide, just waiting to be released: the kind that will live on in the hearts and minds of my children long after my husband and I have left this earth; the kind that will have them laughing, reminiscing and saying, “Remember when mom and dad got us to do all of those crazy, exciting things?”; the kind that will leave me with no regrets in my old age.

Are you ready to make those kinds of memories with your kids? If you are, I have a brilliant adventure that’s just perfect to get you started or keep you going, if you’re already an excitement seeker like me. The adventure I’m about to share is a Polaris RZR Tour that we did together as a family. It was unbridled fun at its very best!

One of the Best ATV Tours in Colorado

Located near Vail and Breckenridge

About 20 minutes outside of Vail, Colorado or an hour from Breckenridge, in a beautiful little town called Wolcott, you’ll find a company called Above and Beyond 4×4 Guides. These guys provide the memory of a lifetime: down and dirty; fast and exciting; stunning, thrilling and perfect in so many fun, wild side memory making ways. I mean, if you want outdoor fun, look no further!

Our adventure began at a place called Four Eagle Ranch, which is located in the beautiful Vail Valley and an easy ride from both Vail, Beaver Creek or even Breckenridge. Upon check-in, we signed the necessary forms; got suited up with the provided helmets, riding goggles and bandannas; went over a few instructions with our fun, yet safety conscious guide; and then we were off. Excitement, adrenaline and anticipation were pulsing thorough our veins.

The RZR Ride Experience

I don’t know if you’ve ever had the opportunity to drive a Polaris RZR, but this was a first for me. I’m not kidding when I say this thing handled like a dream. It had electric power-steering and amazingly superior suspension, which made the vehicle easy to handle and the ride fun and fast. Even the biggest potholes and rocks felt like fun-sized bumps.

There were also safety belts and grab bars to keep all passengers safely inside the open-air, roll-bar vehicle and plenty of legroom for all passengers. These features made everyone feel more comfortable and self-assured and provided us with all of the self-confidence necessary to take a wild ride through the mountainside.

The charted course provided serious excitement for my entire family as we whipped through the awe-inspiring Castle Peak Wilderness Area, one of the most diverse ecosystems in Colorado. Around every awesome twist and turn we encountered spectacular mountain vistas, wild flowers and stunning foliage.

ATV Tours Colorado | ATV Tours Vail - Enjoying the Ride

Never a dull moment, especially when riding up front!

With the wind in our hair we felt wild and free. We laughed and squealed and got splattered with mud, all while being humbled by the incredible beauty that surrounded us. It was breathtaking in every sense.

About halfway through our excursion, our group stopped on top of the mountain and enjoyed a provided snack of cookies and juice, as our informative guide described the area and pointed out interesting landmarks. The scenery was spectacular, and he helped each group pose for some of the best pictures. This midpoint also provided another opportunity for the family to switch positions so we could take turns driving or riding as the front passenger as we raced through the off-road trails in the great outdoors.

Why Take an ATV Tour in Colorado with Your Family

Seriously, why not? This is true family entertainment at it’s best. You’ve got to admit, it beats long lines and short rides any day of the week. This is 2 1/2 hours of wild-side memory making at its best. It’s the kind of experience your kids will never forget. In a good way, I promise.

ATV Tours Colorado | ATV Tours Vail - Posing in front of RZR 4X4

Making memories to last a lifetime.

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A portion of Mary Ellen’s excursion was complimentary as a travel writer; however, all opinions expressed within this article are authentically her own.

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ATV Tours Colorado | ATV Tours Vail

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