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Vilamoura - 7 Seven Spa Pool Area

7 Seven Spa at Hilton Vilamoura

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The 7 Seven Spa, located at Hilton Vilamoura As Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa, is a must-do while visiting this resort. And men, don’t think it’s just for the ladies! My husband and I enjoyed a trip to the spa each day of our vacation.

The Pool Area

The common areas of the spa feature four separate hydro-massage pools. The first is a cold pool which I could only muster the courage to dip my feet in. The other three pools kept me much longer, enjoying the various jets, sprayers, and even a waterfall feature to relax the body and mind. Windows though out the pool area allowed natural lighting to add to the relaxed feeling.

Individual cabanas lined each side of the pool. After letting tension melt away in the pools, my husband I would retreat to one of the cabanas with a cool cup of cucumber water or flavored tea from the spa and spend time reading or even sneaking in a catnap on the lounge chairs.

Surrounding the pools and cabanas is an outdoor Zen garden. Tables and chairs under pergolas covered with fragrant jasmine are an inviting place to dry off a bit after the pools. Lounge chairs are also located outside if you wish to soak up some sun during your spa visit.

There is a time set aside each morning that kids can utilize the public areas in the spa with an adult. While spa behavior would still be in order, it is a great opportunity for kids to relax with mom or dad and get a glimpse of this part of the resort.

Vilamoura - 7 Seven Spa Cabanas

The cabanas in the 7 Seven Spa pool area are the perfect place to enjoy your newfound relaxed state of mind.

The Shower Experience, Sauna, and Turkish Bath

Just down the hall from the pools is another relaxation area. Showers are available here for rinsing off before or after you enjoy the pools. There is also a Shower Experience which allows you to make a selection for which aromas and sounds will accompany you as you walk through the individual shower areas. There is a sauna if you prefer steam, but my husband and I were drawn to the Turkish Bath. Before entering you can select a scent such as menthol or eucalyptus. The humidity and scent then serve to purify the body and mind.

There is a fee for using the public areas in the spa, although if you are a Hilton Honors Diamond member or have a spa service booked this fee is waived.

Vilamoura - 7 Seven Spa Sauna Area

A sauna, Turkish Bath, and Shower Experience are featured in this area of the 7 Seven Spa.

The Treatments

Of course, the spa also has a full menu of spa treatments. A range of services including facials, massages, wraps, manicures and pedicures are available for an indulgent and pampering day. While I was not familiar with some of the treatments offered, the staff at the front desk in the spa went over the different services to help me understand what treatments would bring me the most relaxation and enjoyment.

A trip to Hilton Vilamoura As Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa would not be complete without a visit to the 7 Seven Spa. After all, shouldn’t a little relaxation be a part of every vacation?

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